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Welcome Parents!!

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This section of our class website is dedicated to you~here you will find resources for you. Check back here often to see new additions.

What to expect: Third Grade



Parents-this is where you can be a huge help with your child's education! In math the biggest factor in your child's success inn mastering 3rd grade standards is having mastered the memorization of their multiplication facts and corresponding division facts. Students who demonstration fluency with these basic facts (0-12) quickly master 2 and 3-digit multiplication algorithms and move more quickly through the steps of long division. These facts also come into play in other math concepts throughout this year. Not having these facts committed to memory will make learning these concepts very difficult. So below are some resources to help you assist your child with this process.

How can you help?

  • Spend 5-10 minutes daily practicing

  • When working with the problems have your child restate the problem and the answer

  • Identify the facts your child is struggling to memorize and focus on those

  • Use time like waiting in line, commercial breaks, driving in the car, etc to practice

  • Create flashcards

  • Try to make practice fun-make up songs ( I have some to share), silly rhymes or skits

  • Play games (See below ideas)

  • Allow your child to play the online games below

Online Games

Tricks? Hints? Secrets?

Internet Safety
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Computers have become an integral part of our everyday lives and our students are no exception. Along with comes the need to educate children about safe practices for their own safety. Below are just a few fantastic resources for you to reference and/or use with your students.