*Being Smart is Cool!!*

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It is CRITICAL(extremely important) that you memorize all of your multiplication facts this year! So here are some games you can play to practice! Enjoy!

Farm Freak Out~Choose the facts you want to practice in this game.
Cone Crazy ~ Choose how hard you want the facts to be in this game.
Fish Shop ~ Keep the people in the shop happy while you practice your facts.
Can You Dig It? ~ Dig up dinosaur bones while practice a set of facts.
Diaper Derby ~ Can you answer the facts quicker that the other babies in the derby?
Car Wash ~Clean up the Monster Truck and cars while practicing your facts.
Aquatic Speedway ~ See how fast you can race underwater.
Granny Prix ~ See if you can make your Granny go faster than the others.
Alien MunchTime~ What you feed the aliens for lunch?
Learn Your Multiplication Tables ~ Choose your level and practice by matching and then race the clock and see how fast you can answer the facts.
Sketch's World ~ Practice your facts and help Sketch avoid the erasers.
Balloon Pop ~ See how many balloons you can pop while practicing your facts.
Fruit Shoot Multiplication ~ See how many pieces of fruit you can hit while memorizing your facts.
Pop Up Frog ~ See how many frogs you can catch while practicing your facts.