*Being Smart is Cool!!*
Who is Ms. Rosenthal?
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I have been teaching in the San Marcos Unified School District since 1997. I taught 2nd grade for 2 years and 4th grade for all the rest. Discovery is my 3rd school in the district and I am so excited to be here!

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I have been trained and have experience working with students who come in with a wide variety of background experiences including Special Education, English Language Learners and GATE.

My newest love in teaching is incorporating technology into daily academic curriculum. I believe the best we can offer our students in the world of education must include the combination of a standards based curriculum combined with the most forward-thing and current technology out there.
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When I am not at school:
~Visiting Yosemite
~My 7 nieces and nephews
~Practicing my photography
~Traveling/hiking the world
~Did I mention Yosemite?

Photo by Ms. Rosenthal-February 2011